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As promised, HERE is an outpouring of my ideas on musical criticism, it's value, and some of its more unfortunate aspects. I found myself writing a lot more on this subject than I had first intended - perhaps an indication of the degree to which it affects me. It also coincided with several very long plane journeys. Since then, I have edited out several episodes - one concerning a time when a critic involved me in a power struggle over the selection of the artistic director of a very major orchestra, one about the Joyce Hatto affair, and passages about the Lang Lang phenomenon and Norman Lebrecht's on-the-button predictions. Perhaps these could be posted later, but I had simply written too much. Please feel free to disagree, object, agree or endorse any of my feelings - particularly if you are a critic...

A characteristically

A characteristically thoughtful and thorough consideration of the relationship between critics and performers, and the importance of "being on the same side" - that of the music.

Nice review

Thank you so much for this review! I found it very helpful, this seem like a program that would be of great use to me. Keep it up!

i heard a recording of a

i heard a recording of a performance of chopin's nocturne no.17 in b major op.62 no.1 that you did at wilton church in wiltshire, england on 25 june 2000. this was the best rendition of this nocturne that i have heard. could you tell me where i could obtain a copy of this recording? if it is not in print or published would you mind posting a copy of the recording on youtube? thanks.